Real Life Jurassic Park?

By Nandita Bipin Introduction Cloning is the process of producing identical copies of organisms or biological identities. The copied entity has the same genetic material of the original one, and in cases of true clones, they share identical DNA in both the nuclei and the mitochondria. Cloning technology has been used by scientists to produceContinue reading “Real Life Jurassic Park?”

The Problem with “Space Junk”

By Mitali Goel Humans have been sending enormous amounts of satellites, rovers and rockets beyond the sky, moving around the Earth, to our moon Luna and to the planets in our system and their moons. But what happens once those machines stop functioning?  Space junk, also called space debris, comprises all the old non-functioning satellitesContinue reading “The Problem with “Space Junk””

What prompted me to start Science Speaks?

Hello! My name is Lauren Lee. Welcome to Science Speaks! This is the first blog post of many. You may be wondering about why I started Science Speaks. Like a lot of people my age, I had no idea what I wanted to do after college. I wanted to help students from around the worldContinue reading “What prompted me to start Science Speaks?”