Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Science Speaks?

Science Speaks strives to connect students from around the world to people in the science workforce. By joining Science Speaks, you have the opportunity to talk to people who’s career may interest you, and learn directly from their experiences. If you are even remotely interested in science, Science Speaks is the place for you!

How do I become a member?

All you have to do is sign up . It is 100% free and you will get access to our email newsletters and priority access to our events, videos, and more! There are no prerequisites to join.

The membership form isn’t working, but I still want to sign up! What can I do?

If the form isn’t working, you can contact us. Please let us know you would like to become a member and include your name, grade, school, and city and state in which you reside.

How do I start a Science Speaks chapter?

After filling out this form, you will receive a document within a few days explaining everything that a chapter president is responsible for. There are no prerequisites to becoming a chapter president, and you can start a chapter anytime during the year.

Why should I start a Science Speaks chapter?

Starting a Science Speaks chapter is a rewarding way to help the community. You have the opportunity to make connections and learn from influential figures about a prospective career. We also offer community service hours upon request.

I am not in high school. Am I still eligible to start a Science Speaks chapter?

Yes! Just fill out the chapter form and let us know of this in the “Additional Info” section. If you are a middle or elementary school student, we recommend partnering with a high school student or trusted adult to help guide you through the process. If you have already gone through high school, please specify which school you will be representing. If you would like to talk about your experiences, please let us know through the speaker form!

I want to be a speaker. However, there are no Science Speaks chapters in which I can speak at. Is this a problem?

Not at all! We would love for you to speak virtually through a webinar, interview, or answer any questions that students may have. Be sure to fill out our form on the “Get Involved” page!

I would like to volunteer, but I do not want myself or my work to be published online. Can I still help out?

Absolutely! You can let us know of that when you sign up. We would be happy to post your work (if a blog post or podcast) anonymously if you would like, and not mention you on our speakers page.

How can my organization become partnered with Science Speaks?

Feel free to let us know via the “Contact” page or email We would love to get in touch!